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Night of the Living Dead US 1sh light green title design

signed by George A. Romero, Judith O’Dea, Keith Wayne, producer Karl Hardman and Russell Streiner, Marilyn Eastman, Kyra Schon, Bill Cardille, writer John A. Russo ZOMBIE!  

Exorcist US lobby card

signed by director William Friedkin


signed by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman

American Psycho

signed by Christian Bale

David Cronenberg retrospective special poster

signed by David Cronenberg 

Rosemary’s Baby US lobby card

signed by Mia Farrow 

SUSPIRIA Italian 39 by 55

signed by Dario Argento


signed by Drew Barrymore. Rare full sign.  also David Kieth

The Blair Witch Project

signed by cast

Friday the 13th

signed by cast, composer

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