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Star Wars Episode Ⅳ A new Hope US 3 sheet

signed by George Lucas

Episode 1 Phantom Menace

signed by Jake Lloyd and David Prawse 

Revenge of the Sith

signed by Ewan Mcgregor and Heyden Chistensen. Both with role.

Return of the Jedi British 60 by 120

Episode Ⅳ A New Hope Happy Birthday

signed by Mark Hamill and George Lucas

Episode Ⅰ The Phantom Menace

signed by 29 people!

Episode Ⅵ Return of The Jedi

signed by 50 people! Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Ian McDiarmid, John Williams, complete cast.

Raiders of the Lost Ark US 3 Sheet

signed by Steven Spielberg to Frank Darabont


signed by Robert Duvall

American Graffiti

signed by many actors!

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