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The Good, the Bad, The Ugly Italian 2sh 40 by 55

signed by Clint Eastwood 

For a Few Dollars More Italian 4sh 55 by 79

big poster signed by Clint Eastwood

Dirty Harry US 40 BY 60 LIFE MAGAZINE style

extremely rare poster signed by Clint Eastwood

Pale Rider US international 1sh

signed by Clint Eastwood   I got this poster signed!

Pale Rider British Bus Stop

signed by Clint Eastwood   My most favorite poster

Ordinary People

signed and inscribed by Timothy Hutton

Record of a Living Being Japanese press poster


signed by Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncun 

The Thing

signed by John Carpenter  He knows he is human!

Raiders of the Lost Ark US lobby card

signed by Karen Allen 

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